Katie New York

Letter to the Next President

Drugs should be illegal/banned.

Dear Future President,

In many cases people are risking their lives to addiction/drug use. One of the many things that the government should focus on, is to get rid of drugs all over around the world. Not only locally, but everywhere around the world there’s people dying because of addiction and overdosage.

Those who do drugs and are addicts to these types of things all started out somewhere. It’s that one friend who your parents didn’t want you to hang around, or it’s that one person who said “Try it, it won’t hurt you”. Nobody intends to be an addict and nobody wants to do drugs for their own happiness. But, under the influence of others, many young adolescents are trying these dangerous drugs and getting more into them than they expected.

Drugs have no control over you unless you let them. Take control before it comes a bigger issue. Most of the time you make decisions based on what your surroundings consist of. If you hang around those kids who want to do drugs and get “Lit”, you have a chance of becoming one of “those” kids. DON’T BE THAT KID.

Hopefully we can ban drug use and get rid of drugs overall, there will be a decrease in death and people will straighten their act up.

According to the article, “Addiction” it states “Addiction is one of the most serious health problems in the United States. As of 2010, more than 23 million Americans had an addiction to drugs or alcohol.”

In addition, according to the National Institution of Health, “These addictions contribute to more than 100,000 deaths per year in the United States.”

This information is important to know because it could impact/reflect on your decision making whether it’s “cool” to do drugs or not.

If we keep the bad things in the world, it’ll turn upside down. More of the population has been engaged in bad activities, (like cigarettes, parties with drugs) which causes those who maybe aren't addicts or prescribed to a specific drug, get their hands onto something.

People should surround themselves with positive things in life. Nobody will get anywhere when they're using drugs to maintain their own happiness or relying on drugs to get them throughout the day. They will get caught, & they will have consequences.

Therefore, I strongly believe we should do something like get rid of drugs, and help those ones out who need it, to make the world a better and happier place for everyone.

Sincerely, Katie B

New York