Abby b. New York


Is killing an innocent child right?

 Dear Mr.President,

At 8 weeks a baby has a heartbeat and can breathe ( They are alive. A baby can’t feel it happening? Yes they can. If they need fetal anesthesia for surgery in the womb, doesn’t that tell you something? An innocent child is being killed for no reason. I get that if the mom or baby is in danger but when they are innocent and healthy? Abortion is wrong. The mom and dad did what they did now they have a baby, they shouldn’t kill it because they don’t want it.

In the article 10 Reasons Why Abortion is Evil & Not a "Pro-Choice" is says “ Abortion is unsafe, “The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer reports: "28 out of 37 worldwide studies have independently linked induced abortion with breast cancer. Thirteen out of fifteen studies conducted on American women report increased risk. Seventeen studies are statistically significant, sixteen of which found increased risk.” If it has risks of breast cancer doesn’t that say something? Some other facts are” The unborn baby's heart starts beating at 20 days and the brain gives off brainwaves at 40 days. If these factors are used by the law to determine death, Why can't they be used to determine life?

Babies can survive outside the womb at 21 weeks. By 14 weeks, the entire body surface, except the back and top of the head, are sensitive to pain. The embryo is not a blueprint that becomes a human being, any more than a paper blueprint becomes a house.” Abortion is not right, except if the mom and/or baby is in danger.

Abby B

Queensbury Ny