Anzules G. Georgia

Gun Trafficking

50,000 guns being trafficked across state lines every year is too much.

Dear Future President,

In our Constitution, we as Americans have the right to bear arms, but too many people abuse this right. A recent study shows 50,000 guns are smuggled across state lines and 200,000 into Mexico annually. This means people are not only abusing our current system to gain firearms illegally, but they are also getting away from facing barely any prosecution.

How are people escaping? In the United States, there are extremely weak gun trafficking laws and the only way you can evoke someone’s gun buying rights is if they are a convicted felon. This law in particular is a felony, straw purchasing, but rarely does anyone get charged at the Federal level.  Most states write this off as a misdemeanor, even though straw purchasing, which is when someone buys a gun for someone who can’t, is the second leading cause in gun trafficking in the United States.

Strict gun purchasing laws are not the answer, though! Look at Chicago; it is a mess! Future president, may I suggest a three point solution plan: One, ramp up State & National border security because 50,000 guns, almost $20,000,000, trafficked every year is ridiculous and can be a easy fix with check points. Two, get the “Republican” Congress majority and the Supreme Court to repeal the bans and strict gun laws in places like Chicago because it is extremely unconstitutional. Three, encourage citizens to become licensed and exercise their constitutional right as American citizens, because states with concealed gun carry laws prevent 1,000s of crimes everyday. Criminals being scared of running into an armed victim. Finally, get Congress to create federal laws to fill the gaps in gun trafficking law that is allowing so many crooks to escape.

I believe this plan will cut overall national crime rate down significantly, and most importantly create a safer future for America’s next generation of public, and private sector holders, but it's up to you whether you want me and my peers to have a safer future… or not.


Anzules G