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Climate Change: Conditions that many cannot live in

This letter shows the next president how important it is that we address the pollution problems and that Climate Change is in fact a real yet dangerous thing

Dear Future President:

Climate Change will cause major problems and kill thousands. America needs to do something about pollution because, the Earth can lower temperatures to a dangerous number and the greenhouse effect (overheating) can and will destroy most living things. Climate change must not happen because if it does, the Earth will become like a oven and everything inside burns, or Earth will become like a freezer where everything freezes and dies because of the extreme conditions. Warmer climates from Global Warming can lead to more natural disasters, such as floods, heat waves, storms, droughts and many more. There is also Global Cooling in which weather becomes very cold. When this happens, the crops die and people become sick. Climate change can also increase animal extinction rates. Do you really want animals to die? When the Greenhouse effect happens, many living things that are here now will be destroyed and the Greenhouse effect is irreversible. Andy Skuce writes, “In fact, global warming is, on human timescales, here forever.” This means that the living things on this Earth will continue to die until all species are extinct. But if we never let Global Warming happen, then we will live and thrive! Factories and gas- powered cars produce methane, carbon dioxide, and many chemicals that can harm the stratosphere. Things such as solar panels and the use of renewable energy sources will help cut the chances of a major disaster. People who don’t think that Climate Change is a big deal, usually have money and business on their mind because it seems like they don’t care one bit about this Earth. Donald Trump says, “You want to have clean air. You want to have clean water. That’s very important to me, and I’ve won many environmental awards. I am not a believer in climate change.” An eight degree increase in heat can ruin the Earth. Even if Trump does become president, he still should care, and so should you! If global warming or cooling happens, many innocent lives could be at stake. Even the previous president, Barack Obama, says that Climate Change will kill more than how many people are killed in terrorism! So when it just comes to show, Climate change is a really big deal because it can cause the extinction of organisms and cause the climate to change to an environment that is impossible to live in. I just can't live like that and many others can't either...




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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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