Sara B. Missouri

Letter to Future President

Immigration, school lunch, and natural disaster damage

Dear Future President,

I think we should let immigrants in, but take extra precautions. I don't think we should build a wall and not let anyone in because some people need to come in and they need the help that we can offer. If we build a wall and don't let anyone in, we could be preventing some countries from getting the necessary items and health they need. Some people could be suffering and if we deny access to the help they need, they could die or not get the things they need. 

I think the school lunches we get aren't very nutritious. I don't think they provide very good fruits, vegetables, or proteins. We need these to be healthy, and if we don't get enough, we can get sick or just be unhealthy. I also don't think they provide us enough food for a full lunch that will give us energy to make it through the day. Personally, I eat more than they give us and I think many kids are the same way. We need more and better foods for school lunches. 

It has come to my attention that when there is a natural disaster, we have to pay for the damage or use out insurance to pay for it. I don't think we should have to pay for all of the damage because we don't cause the natural disaster to occur and we can't help it if it destroys our property. I think we shouldn't have to pay for all of it or use all of our insurance (if we have insurance) to fix something that we couldn't control. Taxes are collected for a reason and I think taxes should also be put to helping us with fixing damage that has been caused to our valuables without it being our responsibility.