andrew h. New York

Letter to Future President

My letter is about the plastics pollution our world.

Dear Future President,

There’s been a big problem facing everybody on Earth. Plastics have been all over the sides of roads, in our ocean, and just everywhere. There’s a big pile of garbage in the Pacific called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” It has 3 ½ million tons of garbage in it. But this is only a very small amount compared to the 20 billion tons of garbage floating in our ocean. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is only 1,ooo miles from the Hawaii shores. The ocean currents push all the waste together making it hundreds of miles across. Most of the garbage are plastics, it makes up 90% of all the garbage in the ocean. Plastic takes 100 hundred years to biodegrade, so if we don’t help now it will keep building up. It’s already killed one million birds.

I think we can fix this problem by decreasing the making of plastic. So much plastic is made every minute, and the manufactures make the brand new plastic because it a lot cheaper than recycled. The price on recycled plastics should be made cheaper, so companies use it more and do not build up our Earth with plastics.


Andrew H

Center Moriches Middle School

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