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Homework can definitely lead to high stress levels and some minor/chronic back pain.

Dear future President,

Hello everyone, today I am going to prove to you that homework is not as effective as you thought.

Some people know the struggles of carrying loads of homework. But how much is too much?Some recent studies have shown that too much homework can lead to high stress levels and some back pain because if people have a lot of after school activities it might be stressful to stay up and get all of it done, but on the other hand, too much homework can lead to some back pain because a lot of people walk home lugging up to 22% of their body weight on their backs.

You may think that carrying loads of homework on your back isn’t that harmful, but it indeed is because this can lead to chronic back pain and some other issues.

 Backpacks that are filled with binders and papers can weigh up to almost 15-22% of your body weight. This is nearly ⅕ of a person's body weight. This may not seem like a lot of weight but people have proved that even 10% of your body weight can lead to chronic back pain. From all of this weight on your back, recent studies have shown that this can lead to reduced blood flow to the skin and muscles on your upper arms and shoulders. In very rare cases, all of this weight on your back can result in scoliosis. But as I said that this is in survivor cases and doesn’t affect many people.

Most kids can say that they dread the day they get homework because most people don’t enjoy having work to do at home, but homework can in fact lead to high levels of anxiety and stress.

In a recent study, 99% of students said that homework was their primary source of stress. This really shows that practically almost every kid involved in this study is stressed out because of homework. Most people may not think that homework is harmful to kids, but homework can often lead to negative health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, some minor stomach issues which is anxiety, and of course stress. These problems are often due to people staying up late doing homework, not getting homework completed, not getting full hours of sleep, and skipping meals because they are still doing homework and want to complete it. Kindergartners can get up to 25 minutes of homework while kids in high school get up to 2 hours of homework. Studies say that kids in high school shouldn’t have to do homework that long while kids in kindergarten shouldn’t have any homework at all.

Homework is not fair to students AND teachers because they will both have the same effects of stress and back pain in the end.

Now that I have discussed the effects on kids having too much homework to do, it’s now time to talk about how much homework teachers have to grade. Say a teacher has 100 students papers to grade, this teacher has to work on this a few DAYS to complete the grading. Teachers get stressed as well because I’m sure a lot of people have seen the huge mountain of papers and binders on a teacher's desk. Not only that but some teachers take homework home to grade. Imagine the amount of stress and body/back pain this has on them.

Too much homework needs to stop because it is causing severe issues with children that are not necessary to their life. Do you really think giving loads of homework causing children to have problems is really worth it? I hope this has changed your point of view on this topic. 

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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