Brayden C. California

Don’t All Lives Matter?

All human lives matter no matter the person’s race, gender, religion, or even job he or she has. “All men are created equally, “ as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Saying only black lives matter is going against the Declaration of Independence. American’s should really protest all lives matter. Stating all lives matter does not discriminate anybody, which will make America stronger.

Dear Future President

African American’s face discrimination in this day and age, they are protesting that black lives matter, but do they mean all lives matter?

All humans are created equally, it does not matter about race, gender, religion, or the job the person has, the fact is all lives matter, because the“Black Lives Matter” movement goes against the Declaration's old saying, also saying “Black Lives Matter” sounds like only black lives matter and all other lives do not.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement goes against Declaration's saying, because the Declaration states that all men are created equal, the black lives matter group is going against the United States greatest strength which is all men are created equal.  All men are created equal as stated of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. It’s easy just to say that only black lives, or only cop lives matter, but it is hard to state that all lives matter. The greatest strength the United States has is freedom and equality. All lives have a meaning, no matter what they have done or what type of person they are. Stating only one type of life matters just goes against what America stands for.

When saying black lives matter sounds like only black lives matter and all other lives don’t matter, because of this statement that only black lives matter, some people of America go against this statement, the fact is all lives matter which includes black lives, cop lives, and all other human lives.  When you say black lives matter, it discriminates everyone who is not black. Other groups such as Asian Americans, or Latino Americans say all lives matter, instead of saying Asian or their lives matter more than others. All lives matter should be the problem Americans should be addressing. Just saying a certain life matters more is not what America stands for. How can there be equality when there are people marching around the street stating that black lives matter more.

Though it is racist to claim that black lives matter, we should address the issue that a lot of police are murdering unarmed Americans just because of their color, because of the police’s actions they are part of the problem, black lives do matter, but the protesters are just saying their cause incorrectly.  African American’s do have the right to be angry about how police are shooting some unarmed black men. The cops have no right and no excuse to shoot a unarmed man just because of his/her race. Non-African American’s really can't experience what African American’s experience every day. It is not right for a certain race to be taken advantage.

By saying all lives matter, that statement will bring America together, while when saying only one life matters it will likely tear American’s apart. United States being a country of diversity, in that the United States greatest strength comes from being diverse. “All men are created equal,” declared the Declaration of Independence. When saying black lives matter it sounds like only black lives matter. Only saying black lives matter is going against the Declaration of Independence, also going against what America really stands for.

Sincerely Brayden

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