Crystal R. California

Animal cruelty should be stopped

people should stop harming animals

Dear future president,

My letter is about animal cruelty. Animal cruelty has been a problem in our world for a long time, their has been dog fights, people abusing dogs and cats at their home, and also people just leaving them in the streets instead of just taking them to the shelter so people could just adopt them. But no they just want to leave them there in the streets with no water or food for them. People that are caught abusing animals should go to jail because it's just not right for people to be abusing poor innocent animals. Sometimes people that have been abused themselves will be cruel to animals because they think it's the only way to treat other people. If you see an animal getting abused don't try to stop him instead call the police or try to get someone to help you stop him/she, if u see an animal that is hurt ask people if the animal is there's if no one claims it trying helping it and give it food and water and maybe after that you can take it to the vet. Future president i was wondering if you could put a law of animal cruelty because people who abuse animals will be more likely to hurt other people. This is why it's so important to report animal abuse. Not only will you help the animals, but you will help your community be a safer place for everyone. Hopefully you will agree to stop animal cruelty.


Crystal R