Samuel M.

Severing Ties With Russia

Our ties with Russia must get snipped.

Dear Mr. President,

I am a boy who is from San Diego California I am 13 years old and do not know a eighth of what is going on as you do. I watch the news a lot and I see that everything Russia does, we don't like. I did a little research and found out that our ties with Russia are not good we are the two superpowers of the world. If World War lll started all our lives would change. I hope there is something we can do that can prevent World War lll.

Something we can do to make our relationship better with Russia are stop going into their business about what they think is morally right. Try and make a treaty. We always say that it is Russia's fault that we are fighting but it takes two to start a fight. We must admit when we make an mistake. We should not try to cover it up if we try to cover things up it may make our relationship worse than it already is. Also we can prevent any more conflict than there already is. Take away unnecessary things that may put tension on the relationship between Russia and America show Russia that we are not a nuisance and that we are not afraid to fight if we have to. Show Russia we will not interfere if they don't. Show Russia that we are willing to team and defeat isis. Don't let America fall into a nuclear war. We need or ties with russia to get better we need to stop fighting.

Isis is a terrorist organization instead of fighting alone we should make an excuse to team up and do what must be done to defeat isis. Russia China and Iran have already teamed up if we were to fight it would be a bad one. I know what Vladimir Putin has done and what he is doing. people say that Putin over Trump are a bad mix. I know that Russia my not be a friendly country. I also know we can be strong we will not bow down like other president. You are Trump and you don't bow down to anyone show the democratic parties they are wrong. Russia has already said that they want to restore conflicts with us.

Please be open to what they say do not shine them off because of what they have done in the past. Show us that there will be no world war lll use isis as an excuse to why we must join forces. Show Russia we will not interfere if they don't. Show Russia that we are willing to team and defeat isis don't to let america fall into a nuclear war .Are you willing to let America fall into the cracks we must win biggly right now we are losing biggly to other people and were being jacked see this act on this make America a better America. Now go do the right thing and make a change unlike other presidents that have come before you.

Form Samuel