Ethan G. California

College Tuition's are too Expensive!

College’s prices have been growing immensely over the last couple of years.

Dear President of America,

Students of the future are not going to be able to get into college, since every year the tuition gets more expansive. College tuition prices have grown immensely over the years because more people have moved to America, and are trying to find a good education, but only about 63% (Emily G) of families in America can go to college.

The only way to get a good job is to go to college, but because it is so expensive many Americans can not get good jobs.Over the years, college tuition prices have grown immensely over the years. The top schools have a $40,000 tuition, and state schools are around $20,000. But in 1971, you only had to pay $1,405 to attend college. If the US wants to make college more expensive they should give out more scholarships, or in the future, many families will not be able to afford college.

In 2015, 63% of high school students went to college, but the other 37% could not afford college because they did not have enough money. (Emily G) If a kid is very smart, and has a 4.0 or above GPA, then they should get a scholarship to good schools. It's not fair if someone is very smart, but comes from a poor family and does not get into the college they wanted to get into than someone who is not that smart and comes from a rich family and gets into a good college.

If colleges are going to make the tuition smaller, that means the professors will quit their jobs because they are not getting enough money.To become a professor, you have to get a masters in college which is really hard to get in the first place, Since, people are asking to make college less expensive more professors will begin to quit, and less people will be able to teach classes.

In conclusion, I think the next president of the USA should pay attention to this problem, and help America’s students get into college.


Ethan G

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Zhebel - English 8

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