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Education is Important

Families are struggling to pay for education and many kids who are poor have disadvantages in the school system.

Dear Future President,

Many families are astounded by the costs of education for college and regular schools, also people who live in low funded housing have disadvantages at school. There are many people who do not receive full education due to the fact that tuition or fees are too high and if people live in poor neighborhoods they receive less education than others.

Education fees are astoundingly high because many people cannot afford the right education. We need to reduce costs so more people can get the right amount of education. College tuition and regular fees for schools is not affordable. While researching this topic I came across a claim by New York Times, it stated that college tuition has raised four times higher than it was in 1974 and the cost for public college is $9,000 a year. This kind of education for households with lower income is impossible to receive. Regular school fees are alright but many kids participate in sports, choir, band and many other extra curricular classes at school. These do not get funded, therefore making the families pay for all the supplies needed. Kids need to have a better education for a lower cost.

There are many disadvantages when it comes to education due to the fact that many families are poor or live in bad neighborhoods. We need to make sure all kids or young adults are getting the proper education. I believe education is an essential part of growing up, and every kid should get an opportunity to have an education. If people live in a bad area this could lead to no education and not enough learning habits. Schools are different depending on where they are. Schools that are in high income areas receive higher education and researchers say the kids get a better learning experience. Schools that are in low income areas receive very little education and support which leads to kids getting less learning experience and not good habits. All kids need to get the same amount of education everywhere.

I realize there are more important problems going on around the world due to the fact that this is not the most significant. Education still needs to be recognized because it is an essential part of a child’s life and every kid deserves to receive an education. Schools need to provide the same amount of education and extracurricular classes need to be funded. Kids need an education.

Education is very important. Tuition and fees are too high and many people cannot afford a full education. A kid needs to get a good education to strive in life and we need to make sure this happens. You need to remember education is key to what you do with your life. Education is needed.

Thanks for reading,


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Zhebel - English 8

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