Arianna W. California

2nd Amendment Rights

I’m 13 and I know how important the 2nd Amendment is.

Hello Future President,

I’m 13 years old and I know how important the 2nd Amendment is. The 2nd Amendment is very important to the American people and we need to protect those rights because if anyone tries to harm someone’s life, they need to be able to defend themselves for their own protection and it keeps the government from being able to impose tyranny. 

The 2nd Amendment is very important because the American people need to be able to protect themselves from anyone trying to threaten their life. Locks, bars on the windows, and alarm systems are all useful to keep unwanted intruders coming into their home. What if an intruder does break into an unarmed victim’s house and the safety of his or her family is threatened? And if this intruder is threatening this family with some form of life compromising violence, what are the victims supposed to do? They need to be able to have a firearm in the house to protect their families.

The 2nd Amendment is also important because it keeps the government from being able to impose tyranny. Using arms against the government would be the last resort, not the first. However, there are sometimes when someone must risk the final measure to keep the liberty the government is trying to, or has taken away. The likelihood that the government would feel secure breaking the freedoms of Americans would be destroyed if it knew that the invasion of people’s life, liberty, and property may meet armed resistance.

Even though the 2nd Amendment is very important, before someone buys a gun, the store needs to do a major background check or something to the person because we want to make sure that the person buying the gun is not crazy. Many people are killed by guns each year and it is very sad. Children 15 or under are more likely to be killed than adults. We need t do heavy background checks on the people who are buying the gun to make sure that we have a better chance of not selling a gun to a crazy person.

Given these reasons, the 2nd amendment is extremely important for the American people. We need to be able to protect ourselves from unwanted intruders and keep our rights if the government tries to impose tyranny.

Thank you for reading. 


Arianna W.

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