Aidan M. Minnesota

School Hours

School should be year-round because many kids lose their intelligence over a summer break.

Dear Future President,

School should be year-round. :”When it comes to summer learning loss, math takes one of the biggest hits. On average, students lose about 2.6 months worth of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills during their summer break. With many schools struggling to meet state and federal standards in math, these kinds of losses aren't doing anything to help matters.” (, written by staff writers). Many schools will be largely affected by this change, but will for sure help the students in the long run. I believe that you should do something about this because if kids lose education over a summer break then they have to learn everything again and if we have a shorter break or school year-round we will be able to advance our skills and not have to repeat what we learned the year prior.

I believe that school for all ages should be year-round. Students should go to school year-round because most students have proven that on tests taken after summer break, scores have gone down from the tests taken at the end of the school year. ( 

Those opposed to year round school feel that their time is taken away.  This is important because many people like going on long summer vacations during the summer and they can’t do that when there kids go to school year-round. Many kids can’t do as many activities when they have school all year ( ). However, there are many ways that kids can learn over the summer. ”Studies show that reading four to five books over the summer has a positive impact comparable to summer school enrollment.” ( Also, families can vacation during the extended breaks during the school year. 

I think the you as a president should take action towards this problem because me as a student has knowingly lost education over the summer, shown by test scores and I think you should change the mandatory school days around America. If we don’t work toward kids learning and keeping what they learn then we will constantly have to reiterate what we taught to them in the previous year. We need to keep kids education to it’s finest to help kids understand everything in the future. I hope that you take action in this problem.

Best Regards,

Aidan McClellan

Chaska Middle School East

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