Hannah B. California

Should America monitor Immigrants

Should we monitor immigrants coming into America. And what should we do about refugees?

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

  Everyday immigrants enter our country. Some enter legally and have papers to prove who they are. Others however do not enter legally and have no papers whats so ever. The question, is should America monitor immigrants, to make sure they do nothing wrong?

  Immigration control should be monitored closely because, some immigrants coming into America might not have the best of intentions, also America is becoming very crowded and the country needs to limit the amount of people we let in.

  America should monitor the immigrants closely because some immigrants coming into America might not have the best of intentions thus causing a security risk for the country.On June 7 2016 in Germany, a holding center where immigrants were being held was set on fire, by the immigrants. This just goes to show that some immigrants can cause harm if they want too.

  America needs to limit the amount of immigrants that come in because America is becoming very crowded.America has approximately 324,118,787 residents. However with the increasing amount of immigrants and refugees that number will keep on rising. In fact,there are 11.5 million illegal immigrants in America today. There are also 38,901 Muslim refugees living in America today.

  Some Americans think that we should let people in from war torn countries that have absolutely nothing at all because where would the refugees go otherwise, they can’t just go back to their old homes where violence is happening. In Syria and other war torn countries bombings are destroying crowded cities. Basic necessities like food and medical care are basically non existent. Many refugees are children who have their homes if not there families. Many come to America or Europe to seek a place of refuge.

  All in all, America needs to monitor their immigrants closely because, Immigrants coming in might have the best of intentions and, America is becoming densely populated. So what is your choice Mr./Mrs. President?


Hannah B.

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