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How Hacking is Changing our world for the bad.

Hacking is now a big concern for many people across the world and affects people lives daily.


The world uses the internet and technology daily. There are a couple of things people have to worry about when using it: hackers, privacy, illegal activities, etc. Hacking is now a big topic to think about when using the internet because people can easily gain private information and can take over a person’s entire computer just from them clicking on a link.

Almost everybody on the internet is very vulnerable to hackers. People can easily gain access to your computer. This causes a lot of people to be very cautious on the internet. This is a good thing but some people aren’t so cautious and get hacked. Once hackers get into where they want to go whether it is your router, your computer, or even your social medias/email, they can do almost anything. All you have to do is click on a link, go to a website, or even just tell them something that wouldn’t be private but is very private.

Hackers can be very dangerous with people’s private information. Hackers can do almost anything with your private information once they get a hold of it. They can sell it, use it for themselves, or steal your identity. They can find almost anything about that person just from one little thing such as a text message. 

Hacking is used for many good things around the world that most people neglect when people think about hacking. Even though many people use hacking in the wrong way, there are some people that use it for good. The U.S government will pay you if you can hack into the pentagon or an important building like that if you tell them how you did it. This way it protects America better from other countries around the world. Countries around the world use hackers to gain information from other countries like war tactics to protect themselves. Most hackers are very good with code. This way they can develop a revolutionary product that involves technology that other people won’t be able to do. They also know how to protect against it. This can be very helpful.

All in all, hacking has its pros and cons. Most people when they think of hacking, they think of it in the wrong way. It helps countries around the world stay safe. This is also a very important consideration to think about when using the internet. There are many bad people out there in the world and people know when to stop and think. One wrong click can change your life for the worse.

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