Nicole T. California


This is an urgent topic that is affecting us everyday and we need to stop it.

Dear Future President,

Hello, My name is Nicole Taylor and I am writing to you about something that is very important to me, the Forest. Everyday, thousands of species and acres of forest are destroyed because of deforestation. We could have destroyed species that could have had the answer to many medical mysteries. The forest plays a huge part in our world and we are destroying it. Deforestation is a parasite and we need to stop it before it gets hard for us to handle.”Nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year”. The depletion of the forest does not just affect the US, it affects the world.

The forest plays a big role in life on this planet. Deforestation is one of the leading causes of global warming, since there is less trees, they can't keep up with the emissions of carbon in the air which then keeps heat trapped in the earth. This problem will get worse if deforestation continues. Deforestation also affects farming, if deforestation gets worse famine will be worse for the world. Erosion caused by deforestation can lead to flooding because now because soil cannot take in the water. This flooding caused by deforestation will lead to mass floods that will barren the farmers and cause a shortage in food. If we don’t stop deforestation then there will be a food shortage around the world and that will lead to conflict around the world. These are just some of the many ways deforestation affects us, without forests some of our biggest problems will only get worse if we don´t stop it.

There are many ways forests are taken out. One way is cattle, it may sound surprising but to have cattle you need a big field and they just cut down the trees for more room and never plant any back. When the cattle eat all the food in the area they just move to another area leaving the area bare and they don’t plant any trees back. Another reason is illegal logging, this is a big problem in the amazon. Criminals will illegally go and cut down trees in masses, and just keep cutting it down. They earn so much money from the wood because they are not supposed to be cutting it down. Then with the money they earn they can just pay off the people who catch them and keep cutting down the trees. Companies also take from our forests to get resources, that is ok if they plant more than they cut down but they usually don’t. They go in cut down the trees and move out, causing the forest to morph into barren land. If this continues to happen then soon there will be no trees and then more problems will be magnified greatly. We have to do something about these factors, we need to start controlling these factors to prevent out forests from being taken down.

Wood is a good resource and it is used for many things like building houses, and we do use the wood we cut down but then we start cutting down more and more then there is none left. Trees affect a lot of things but sometimes when there is too many trees by a river, the river will get drained from the trees. This is a problem but trees are too important to lose and we can fix that problem. Since we have such a growing population there is a big need for more room and that's one of the big reasons the forest get cut down. Depending on how much room your house takes you should have to plant some trees.In some communities in Arizona they make you have a tree in the front of your house and I think thats a good idea. There is many different sides on deforestation but the one thing we need to do is stop it. In the end deforestation does not help anyone, it hurts everyone.

The world needs to stop deforestation now, and there is many ways to do it. Companies like McDonald's´ and Nestle pledged to stop buying products that have been linked to deforestation in the rainforests.”In April 2015, McDonald’s announced our Commitment on Deforestation. The policy outlined our vision to eliminate deforestation from our supply chain starting with beef, poultry, palm oil, coffee and fiber used in consumer packaging” If lots of companies start doing this we could save much of the rainforests. There also should be more laws placed about cutting down trees and the rainforest. The rainforest holds many different species that are undiscovered and we need to stop it now before they are all destroyed and we never get to discover them. Another way we can stop deforestation is to get more enforcers to go out and find illegal logging. There is people out there cutting down trees all over and we need more people to go out and stop them. There also should be more funding to organizations who plant trees and more funding to the people who go out and try to stop it. There should also be more restrictions on how much you can log and depending on how much you log you have to plant just as many or more. There are many more ways we can stop deforestation but it really depends on when you're going to take action. If you keep waiting then there will be no forest to save and you will have many other problems to deal with. The world can't wait to stop deforestation we have to act now and if we don´t then the world will die right before our eyes, and we could have stopped it.


Nicole Taylor

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