Marco C. California

Discrimination is an Abomination

Discrimination has become too common in this country.

Dear Mr. President,

I’m sure you are aware, perhaps more aware than most, that this country has faced and is currently facing discrimination from the east to the west coast. It is not just racial discrimination but religious and gender as well. We need to fix it, Mr. President.

The news has brought to light more events of racial discrimination, especially in the subject of police brutality. Many people of color are being convicted of more crimes. According to, police are more likely to pull over and frisk Latinos and blacks than whites. I have a friend whose brother got pulled over and searched for no reason. He is a Latino. I believe this is an example of racial discrimination and it needs to be stopped.

Religious discrimination has shockingly become a common thing in the United States. I have personally heard many slurs and insults for someone based on their religion. Mr. Trump has even said some harsh things about Muslims. This is not okay. This country was founded upon the right to equality and everybody deserves to be treated the same, not looked down upon.

Gender discrimination is another form of discrimination in the US, especially in the workplace. According to, in 2015, women made 80 cents for every dollar a man made, making a 20% gap. Once again, this country is supposed to be equal. How can we be equal if we aren’t paid equally?

So Mr. President: I ask you this. What are you going to do to stop, prevent, and reverse discrimination in the United States?



Santa Clara High School

Flowers ERWC Period 6

This group is for seniors in Ms. Flowers 6th period ERWC class.

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