Natasha S. California

College Cost is an Issue

The issue of students being discouraged to attend college.

Dear Future President,

We should all agree that education is important to have and to have a career most of us need to attend college. There are many ways to get financial aid and get money to pay for the cost of college, however there are too many students trying to attend college and their dream college will not be able to give them the money they need. Many scholarships are dealt with writing an essay and there are many students that are good at writing essays, but other people are not so good, which puts them lower at the list to receive the scholarship. The cost of attendance for college should be lowered because it could also have less people out on the streets trying to make a living for themselves. College is another way of putting more stress on high school students because low income families need the students to work for their own education. Attending classes during the day then going to work and going home after work to finish homework is plenty for a high school student. High school let alone is a lot of stress for teenagers and adding more stress discourages high school students to attend any college and just work at a local job near them to support themselves. Many parents want their children to attend a college or university, however the way of living is not free and there is still rent to pay, groceries, and other expenses, adding on a bill for tuition is not reasonable for most households. Everyone has an opportunity to make a difference in this world when they get the chance too. When not given the chance to make a difference it makes people not feel comfortable and not certain about life. College is an essential that everyone should have because it could help them make a difference and show new ideas to different people. We need more of a variety in our colleges/university’s, there are students that could pay for 12 people at dinner and would still be fine on money, however there are other students that can barely afford food because they need money to pay for their college/university. I believe that the cost of attendance needs to be lowered because it would make more people find who they really are and give them more opportunities to make a difference. 


Natasha Sachdeva