Claude. B. L California

The hope of the new civilization- new way to settle (not defeat) ISIS

Because we are at war with ISIS for many years. We have no more time to waste. We have to finish this endless conflict using a different way....

Use military forces to destroy ISIS is not the right way because there will always be survivors and they can always rebuild their organization and also because showing the the world that it is possible to use forgiveness and the will of peace to end all conflict and lead a more civilized age where disagreement can be solved without a single shot being fired.

However how many effort is put in, there will still be remaining. ISIS is a group that is not afraid to die if they can do any damage in this society.It doesn't matter whether land troop or air assault, one remaining  means hundreds and thousands of death or a even stronger and more experienced organization. All of these is what we don’t what to happen. What if we use a way spread towards love and peace and awaken their nature of being a human and hopefully will stop this situation.

God endowed us the power of love and peace which eventually made our nature of human. The world never tried in any battle of using  the power of forgiveness and the will of peace to end it.Using military force to stop other military force is fine, but using military force to stop a terrorist organization Won’t work. Also “destroy” is not the final solution of anything. We are given with the most powerful abilities between all living things. W e never used it, doesn't mean it won’t work. In addition ISIS members are human, and human share the same nature, so we shall use it. 

You might say, it won’t work, or they won’t accept it. For people who can’t feel the nature between balance will never understand the power of peace and awakening.  I’m one of a few person that can, I know the meaning of any terrorist organization that are causing trouble. They want nothing but attention. They wanted not power or wealth but a page in the history book, everything they do is only for not to be forgotten by the history. Imagine if someone can make them more wise and understandable, will that solve the case?  In this case, a philosopher can be more useful than 1000 soldiers.

Fulfill what is left over, do what is wise. Only through love, knowledge and the will of peace will ISIS and any other trouble maker will be stopped. Try what I believed, then hopefully, a new civilization will rise.