Jason California

Remember Harambe?

End the practice of animal captivity for entertainment.

Dear Next President,

I would like to address the issue on animal captivity and how it has a negative effect to the animal’s safety and health conditions. As humans, we must protect our furry friends with utmost love and compassion. Animal captivity in the past has shown physical and mental harm to the creatures imprisoned to the human’s will. By raising more awareness and helping out the animals, we can help stop the abuse and harm from animal captivity.

In 2013, a documentary called BlackFish was aired. The documentary followed the life of a killer whale living in SeaWorld. Tilikum was a orca held in Seaworld where he was kept captive. Due to extreme stress, his habits have turned a negative direction and caused him loads of mental issues. Another issue you might have heard of is the tragic death of Harambe the gorilla. He was shot dead in his enclosed pen when a child fell in. Alternative measures could have been implemented such as sedation, which would have prevented the death of a beloved figure of the Cincinnati Zoo. By bringing more awareness and knowledge about defenseless animals, it would benefit in providing better care for the animals in captivity.

We must think of the animals benefit and not our own. I propose that we get rid of as much animals in captivity as possible. There are a whopping 10,000 zoos worldwide in possession of animals who would not want to be held captive in where they are. The mistreatment is brought upon them without the consideration of what the animals want and feel. As a child I had visited multiple zoos to watch animals that I had never seen before. In many occurrences the animals I had encountered had looked depressed and not happy in their current living conditions. Although many zoos had kept their animals healthy and well, there definitely were mistreatment in some zoos that I have came across.

Many companies and people might protest against it, but we must do what's right for the animals. Sadly, it’s highly unlikely to get rid of all zoos, but we can start now and gradually make a difference. Overall, I hope I brought this issue to your attention and that you will find a solution to end this. Thank you for your time and consideration to read my letter.