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A Problem Since the 12th Century: Animal Abuse

China has a law that requires cosmetics to be tested on animals before it can be sold there. Petco and Petsmart are brutally freezing alive and poorly gassing their animals. America can't be like this.

Dear Future President,

Its 2016, and the Iphone 7, Amazon Echo, and Virtual Reality were all officially released to the public. But with these new inventions, wouldn't a problem, like animal abuse, have been halted by now?

Animal mistreatment is cruel and should not be acceptable, because the animals do not know what is happening to them and they usually can do anything to stop it.

When a pet does something wrong, they might be scorned, but when they are getting hurt for no reason, the animal is confused. Unless in their natural habitat or home, an animal might not be aware of what kind of situation they are in because, after all, they don’t have as advanced minds as humans. In a dangerous situation, an animal could show aggression because it is their instinct. It doesn’t matter though if an animal has less advanced brain or doesn’t show aggression, they can still feel physical pain just as much as humans do. Hurting an animal should never be acceptable in a case where the animal in actually dying or in critical condition. If the animal is really injured this can affect their future trusting places or people.

If someone were to throw a rock at a dog, then the dog might run after them because it can and will, since they have shown the dog they want to hurt it. In some circumstances, the animal cannot take it’s revenge, because it is physically unable to. For example in China, an annual tradition called the Yulin Dog Eating Festival. It includes taking dogs from the streets or stolen family pets and brutally killing, torturing, and eating them. About 10,000 dogs are involved in this horrible tradition. Another fact about China is that all cosmetic products must be tested on animals to be sold there. As a whole, America cannot be like this and needs to learn from China's mistakes.

Even though animal testing is bad and can result in death to that animal, it can benefit people in some way. In the medical field, animal testing or using animals can help scientists working to find a cure or people with replacement organs. For example, my friend had heart problems and has to get her heart replaced with a pig’s heart every now and then when her heart acts up. In the process of saving her, the pig dies with no second chance. Scientists working with test mice may use them to react to a drug to record their reactions or see how it relates to humans. Cosmetic companies may use animal testing as a way to see if their is a negative effect on the animal from their product.

In conclusion, animal mistreatment is still here and still a problem. There are many things animal lovers or just people can do to help animals, such as doing research on what animal companies are good and bad, like Petco and PetSmart, two companies that cruelly gas and freeze alive many of their animals. Donating to shelters or organizations, or buying animals from the pound, not breeders or animal mills are other ways of helping. 

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