jason North Carolina


my topic is about Isis and how we should deal with them and enforce the immigration.

Mr. president i was wondering if i could ask you about details of isis attacks to nations once they are dealt with i know what types of attacks isis did to the nations and the u.s. I think almost everyone knows isis origin and half of the attacks

I also want to give you an idea of what isis might do when they're about to lose isis might set a bomb with a large group of people in it like civilians.isis can make surprises, for the refuge i would check them with weapons or bombs, they canโ€™t make bombs on drones right?

Will we help the nation rebuild their city from the destruction and help the nation stand up on its feet? How long will we be able to help them fight isis.i think isis might gain territory from spreading around the globe what happens if isis has more than one strong hold we don't know about? Or their working with someone who will take over for them.i was looking at a image online this shows how to understand it.isis could set a bomb in a area and civilians in another area and a large platoon of them in a area could we be able to stop them from making tunnels?

Isis are the reason they're causing immigration their the people that are causing people to leave their country. There are groups of people that are fighting isis. me an others just want to know what did isis do and enforce isis from causing trouble