Collin P. North Carolina

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration is a problem in America.

Dear Future President,

There is an up rising problem with immigration law in the United States of America. For many years immigrants have been allowed in America for a short period of time as long as they have a green card. But recently there has been a problem President Obama has passed a bill that allowed illegal immigrants to stay in America without a green card or some type of pass and get America jobs and have a driver's license as a non American.

I would consider this unconstitutional because they have not yet obtained citizenship. If they were to obtain citizenship, I would find it fair, but otherwise it is not fair to other American citizens who have earned their right to have those jobs as American citizens. I believe our American government is too slack about immigration and should enforce this laws with an iron fist and should abolish any unconstitutional laws.

I do understand that some families are out of options and need to come to America but, some fail to obtain the certification to be in America or have some type of temporary pass. If that family can not get a legal passage they can always go to Canada because they have open borders. But most people want to come to america because our American rights and I respect that. It does not give the right to come to America with getting a green card or citizenship. How would you like it as an American citizen can not get a job because some non citizen has the job?

In conclusion people with out a green card or does not have citizenship should not be aloud in the Americas. Also I am not saying that no one can get citizenship I am saying that they can not come to America without a green card or citizenship to stay in America.