Austin North Carolina

More jobs are needed

More jobs is going to help this world out

Dear next president,

Hi my name is Austin I am from kannapolis north carolina. I want to see this world better than it has ever been. People need some happiness and some good feeling in them every day. So you have to make that happen by being a good president .

Who ever become president this year I hope makes the best of it. Please help the homeless and the poor and everyone that needs help getting back on their feet .Give people second chances and the ability to live give food stamps it--helps people a lot .

Obama has changed a lot of things in this world-a lot of good things-don’t take all them away. More jobs is going to help the poor get back on there feet and be happier. More jobs means less homeless and poor people which equals a more happy place for this world. explains this situation very good by saying:

Because every new job is another person shopping at local stores.And every few new jobs mean the stores are hiring, too. Every new job is another person not trying to take your job.So let’s hire people to fix our roads and bridges, and teach our children.More jobs could also make people that are       making good money now make a little less since there would be more jobs. If that would happen at least the people that have struggled their whole life would have a home and money .Because of more money we could pay bills and things more easier than blowing a pay check on bills .We could also have more food and nice things to supply to our family .

The money income and pay checks we have now aren't enough. Because there is still a lot of homeless and poor people out walking around . More happy people and families would help our environments out a lot, it would also solve our fights and arguments .People need jobs because working enables them to earn money. More jobs would solve money problems and a lot of other problems, and i hope whoever turns out to be the president makes this world a better place .

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