Tyanna North Carolina

school Dropouts

How I feel about high school dropouts.

October 24, 2016

Dear Next President,

I have a huge concern about high school dropouts in the world. High School dropouts happen many times a year to different states and countries. According to dosomething.org “Every year over 1.2 milllion studnets dropout of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds- or 7,000 a day. I what to know what kind of solution you have to fix this worldwide issue.

No person knows that they are going to wake up that day and dropout of school it just happens. When the students to dropout of school they have to work even harder to find a job or to make a living in life than it was before. “The unemployment rate for young high school dropouts was roughly 54% in 2008”. When they do find a job they earn on average, significantly less than the kids than the kids that finished it. I feel like you should fix this the kids should earn the same amount as the other kids. They would not have to face this problem if school was a little more interesting to them.

In the world kids dropout of school for many different reasons. 73% said that they don’t like school. If the things they teach were a little more fun and useful to them they would not drop out because of this reason. 60% said that “ I didn’t see the value in the work I was being asked to do”. Sometimes the work can be boring and sometimes it doesn’t.

So i’m asking you, can you please make school more interesting to me and many more K-12 students in the country. Are you willing to let everybody drop out of school? Will let this worldwide issue continue? Fix this issue so no more students will drop out it be hard for them to make a living here. Be a good president.

Sincerely, Tyanna