Reshmanth M. Texas

The Supporters Of Sea Pirates

We must penalize ransom payers, due to them being the finance for pirates

Have you heard of pirates, I know what you’re thinking : a crew of outlaws that rob people and are jolly hanging around back in the days. Well that age is over, and a new era began. Today's pirates usually originate from North African ports of Tunis, Tripoli, Algiers, Salé. The job of marauders is to raid ships and take its goods and sell them; This was once. These days pirates ask for ransom, which consists of high money to be payed to the pirate group for the robbed equipment ( ).

Due to high ransom sometimes as much as $5 million in American currency ( ), marauders have enough money to raid other ships and grow in power. As of the sea being very vital to the U.S trade, we can’t tolerate the sea being unsafe, we trade about 33% of our goods on sea ( ). We must take actions on the public because they are the ones that are the backbone of piracy, if we end ransom paying then it will end the crime of sea piracy and the sea would be safe again. In order to make people not pay ransom we musts penalize them for any money they send to the pirates

Paying ransom the crew nor the vessel, instead it might jeopardize one's life. Due to piracy many companies worldwide suffer and have to fire workers and suffer losses in the company. Can you imagine an average workers getting fired and their look when they can't feed their family. It's a risk to make people pay ransom, they might end up killed by outlaws or even suffer bigger losses. What would be the proper thing to do is to provide protected trade routes to traders and deploy search parties for pirate bases and deploy navy seals into pirate hotspots. This action will end the annual worldwide loss of $13 - 16 billion dollars due to piracy (

Many suggest that paying ransom is the only way we can get our property back. There is a chance of getting it back, but paying ransom to pirates encourages their occupation and gives them power over sea's soon making an impact on the U.S economy. This will increase crime overseas, and the golden age of piracy will repeat and people wouldn't be safe overseas. The age wouldn't end easily because of significantly stronger weapons and higher intelligence. As an effect of it, it will result in economic depression. In order to avoid this, we must simply penalize ransom payer's. Due to the action of penalization we might save huge economic losses.

In conclusion, ransom payers are the supporters of pirates, stopping them can save billions of dollars. In order to save average people's jobs and bear an other economic depression we must penalize ransom payers. Developing and deploying navy seals into pirate hotspots can end the idea of piracy on sea. As a superpower we have the responsibility of taking care of nations that are still developing, so maintaining secure trade routes is the best way to secure developing nations. Reputation will be earned from other countries and alliances will formed quicker.

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