Haskell M.

Dear Future President

The qualities, traits, and actions that our next president must demonstrate and possess, and how they can be a great leader in today's society.

Dear Future President,

       The nation of the United States depends on your leadership, words and actions. Show the citizens of this great country your stature in society and don’t just let them call you their president, act as the president they want you to be. To others you must appear as a regal figure with balanced composure and authority. You must speak assertively with power and meaning, during speeches, and have the ability to persuade the people of the country to listen to your words. You want others to think of you as a leader with authority, yet still have a soft and caring heart for others before yourself. As the next president of the United States you should let the citizens’ voices be heard. Give the citizens what they want, but don’t abuse it or they will be greedy of their needs.

In the modernized and contemporary world which we currently live in, America have become more diverse with other customs, religions, and cultures which have diffused into our melting pot. You must learn how to settle with controversial hot button issues that we face today, such as unauthorized immigrants entering the country, and refugees flooding into the U.S. and western European countries.

The United States depends on you, and you represent the U.S. If we want to look like a good country in the world, it is based off of your actions and words. As the president in the future, what does it take for you to change the game and make this nation a better place? What are you willing to risk? How will you do it? A leader in ancient times was one who was first in battle and had followers that looked up to them.

Leaders possess qualities and traits that others admire. They keep their followers safe in the circle of protection and act like the parent-figure of the group. A president keeps composure in situations that seem intimidating. They show themselves as great representation of their country, one who can be looked up to and even be influence others. A president is also one who possesses persuasive talking that will get citizens to listen to them and speaks with an assertive, but controlled voice. Presidents must learn to deal with current world issues, as well as issues in the United States. Will you be the leader who represents their fellow countrymen?

Ripon High School

English I Honors

Students from Mrs. Valponi's English I Honors class

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