Francisco R. Texas

College tuition fees are increasing

College tuitions are increasing and less students get the chance to succeed in life, we need to lower college fees so our upcoming generations can be educated.

Dear future President,

  I'm sure you are aware of this problem facing lower class people. I am addressing college tuition fees. Most student don't even attempt to go to college because of the thousands of dollars of tuition every year. Some families live from paycheck to paycheck to survive and are barely able to spend money on a new pair of shoes. So how are they gonna pay for their child's college ? A 4 year college tuition fee is of 19,000. Now scholarships can help students cover some of the costs but they are still forced to pay thousand of dollars. Some students take loans but eventually end up in debt for years and years after college. I think money shouldn't determine whether you are successful in life or not. My solution to this would be to lower down costs for colleges and any type of private schools so that everyone can get a good education.