Nick S. California

Animal Abuse Must Stop

Animal abuse is a crime that is not taken very seriously, animal abuse must end.

Dear Future President,

Imagine being alone, dark and cold. The only attention it get is when it’s being beaten. That is what many animals have to go through everyday.Animal Abuse is a terrible thing and should not be allowed because the animals are innocent, also the animal has no idea why they're getting treated this way.

Animals are innocent and should not get abused because it’s not the animals that it is being bad but it is the owner that treats them badly. According to “their are no bad pets, just bad owners who make those pets. Even if the animal does something bad they don’t have the morality to understand.” The owner has to give that sense of what is wrong and what is right to that animal. Many pet abusers go to extremes to punishes their pet like beating them, starving them, and even setting them on fire for a short amount of time. 

Animals also don’t know why they get treated that way because animals don’t know what they did was wrong unless you train them properly. Animals don’t know why they're being abused because their brains can’t comprehend it. If someone's pet does something bad and the owner hits it, it doesn't know why he is getting beaten it just knows that the owner is hurting him. 

Now some people may say that some breeds of pets are born to kill and that is not true because no domestic animal is born with the sense that he wants to hurt anything that moves, it’s the owner training it to do so or abusing it. Studies have shown that domestic animals are 60% more likely to become aggressive if their abused, this shows that abusing animal can cause them to become violent. 

All in all animal abuse is a terrible crime and should be taken very seriously. Their is nothing the animal can do to stop this and that is why they are being abused, because they’re helpless. Why should people care what is happening in other countries when they should be worried about what could be happening right next door to them.

Sincerely, Nick S.

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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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