Michael M. California

Why do some taxes seem, “stupid”?

Paying taxes for groceries and paying taxes for illegal immigrants, pretty much giving money to illegals crossing the border to me, just seems flat out stupid.

Hi, my name is Michael and I want to know why we have to pay taxes for things that don’t really need to get taxed.

Have you ever went to the grocery store to get you weekly supply of food when you notice that you got taxed for buying something in order to survive? This is just one of the many issues of things that the government needs taxes from, like groceries. They say it’s a soda tax but it might just be a lot more than that.

When it comes to taxes, we shouldn’t have to pay extra for groceries or for immigrants when some are illegal.

We shouldn’t have to pay grocery taxes because we need food to survive and we shouldn’t have extra for them unless they’re a higher quality food.

First, people say it’s a soda tax but it pretty much is a grocery tax. Also companies might finance this and RAISE prices just to gain more revenue. Meaning purchasing soda/soft drinks or not, you will still get taxed.

We shouldn’t be paying taxes that go to immigrants because some might be, illegal immigrants. Think about it, our money could be going towards a “bad” cause.

Not only does paying taxes for illegal immigrants effect us, these immigrants also take jobs from Americans. A million Americans applied for a job at McDonald's, that is just how desperate people are for a job nowadays because they can’t even provide for their families or they can’t play for their house.

Yes, I understand that paying for a grocery tax will help us spend less on unhealthy foods or paying taxes that go towards actual immigrants is good because they came from a harsh life and need to provide for their families.

Paying taxes for definitely stop people from buying lots of unhealthy foods. This will also cause less childhood obesity. Also, paying taxes for immigrants would be understandable because of their living conditions and how they poor they were.

Overall, I don’t think you should tax groceries just more unhealthy foods. And for immigrants, we need to control the border so only immigrants and Americans come into America.

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Zhebel - English 8

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