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The next president should make college prices cheaper

Dear Mr. President,

I know that your life must be very hectic at the moment, winning the presidential election and all. I also understand that you have a lot on your hands, but I want you to take a moment and think about what your life was like before you were president. Although I don't know that much about you or how you grew up, I do know that things weren't always easy for you, it never is, for anyone. You have come so far, therefore, I would like to congratulate you for your accomplishments. However, people who are less fortunate, will not always have the same amazing opportunities you did.

There are so many differences between a child from a wealthy family and a child from a less fortunate family -- it's ridiculous. They will never be the same, and I strongly disagree with the saying, "It doesn't matter how much money a child's family has, they have the same opportunities." It is possible to pay for better education, even if people don't want to admit it. The biggest reason lots of people don't go to college is because it's so expensive. And as Lynnette Cox said in "Paying for College," "At first glance, all these small fees may seem tiny and insignificant. But the problem, all too frequently, is that the ever-growing hodgepodge of so-called 'little' fees can snowball over time. They can amass in dollar amounts and in terms of the number of fees being levied. Over the course of your four-year college career, these fees wind up costing you major dollars."  Never mind the ridiculous college fees, what about rent, health insurance, car insurance, medical bills, everyday expenses? How are people supposed to pay all of those things without a good career? Exactly, they can't.

Therefore, that's why Mr. President I think, you should really lower the college prices. Give everyone the same opportunities that you did to be successful. And it might not be a big deal to you, but it would make the world of a difference to millions of people, including myself. Not only will it help people get a better education, but a better life. Because as Tom Corley said in an article called, "Rich Habits," "Clearly every student wants to be successful and thinks they will be successful, but none have been taught by their parents or their school system how to be financially successful in life. Not only are there no courses on basic financial success principles but there are no structured courses teaching basic financial literacy." Thank you Mr. President, I really hope you consider my proposal.

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