Amaya G. California

Helping World Hunger

There are so many people in the world that are starving and do not get enough to eat everyday. But there is something everyone can do to help this cause.

Dear Future President, 

World Hunger is a huge problem in our society today. There are so many people in the world that are starving and get nothing to eat everyday. I believe that there is something that everyone can do to help this cause. 

The solution to this problem is that every city in the United states should have 3 places to donate food and money, and should be advertised on social media plus educated by articles to people at the places that they can donate.

If you advertise this on Social Media, more people will know where they can donate food and money.

With so many people going on Social Media everyday, advertising the places where you can donate will bring up the amount of people who know about this solution. 78% of the US people go on social media and that percentage is rapidly increasing by year. (U.S. population) When people know and see this on social media they will know exactly where they can go to donate near them.

If people knew more facts about world hunger they would want to donate more.

If you put facts and articles to read about world hunger in and next to the places that you can donate, people will be more willing to donate to the cause because they are more knowledgeable about world Hunger. Did you know that 1 in every 9 people are hungry or do not have enough food to eat everyday which is 795 million people. (World Food Programme) By educating people with facts like these more people are going to be willing to donate to cause.

I do realize that there are already places that you can donate food and money for world hunger.

If you were to make a bigger effort to advertise this on social media and educate people around the US about this, I do believe that it will make a huge difference in World Hunger.

In conclusion there is so much that everyone can do to help, but I believe that if you follow my simple steps everyone can make a difference in World Hunger. 

Thank You!

Amaya Ghoshal

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