Freddy R. California

Income Inequality

Give less money to the rich and more money to the poor.

Dear Future President,

A problem that I would like for you to address is income inequality. This is an issue because the richest people earn so much money that they don’t know what to do it, while the poor people earn barely enough to survive. Statistics show that the top 10% earn 9 times more than the bottom 90% while the top 1% earn 38 times more than the bottom 90%. However, all this pales in comparison to what top 0.1% earn as they earn 184 times as much as the bottom 90%!

This affects my community as I live in a poor neighborhood that isn’t fancy or elegant like Beverly Hills. My father does not earn very much despite the fact that he works hard and the amount he earns is barely enough to rent us a 1 bedroom apartment with all the necessities of living. My community is pretty much the same as the majority of students I go to school with, have parents whom are poor or at most middle class and even they could be considered poor as they don’t earn nearly as much as rich people earn. I really hope this issue is fixed because it is just absurd how much the rich people earn while poor people struggle to survive.


Freddy R.