T.M California

Minimize College Tuition for Low-Income Families

Low income families are usually unable to send their kids to universities due to the excessive tuition required.

Dear Future President of the U.S,

As a high school student, everyone wonders if they are able to afford and attend their dream college especially for the low-income families. Families that live pay-check to pay-check struggles between choosing to go to work to support their family or going to a college that already accepted them after their high school careers. Most of low income students will choose to go to work to support their families because they worry that going to college will only add burden to their family due to the college expenses. The average tuition paid at a university is $32,405 yearly and the average rate that a low income family receives is 15,080 yearly. When we compare these amount it is notable that low income families makes only half the amount of the tuition. How can low income students have the heart to make their family pay for the other 15,000 when they simply don't make enough? The answer is they don't they rather just skip college and and start at a low paid job to support their family. The statistics reveals that there are more of low income students attending college after high school. To change these statistics we should come up with a plan to allow low income students to be able to attend school with the lowest fees. Thank you for reading this.