Dylan M. California

Is Deforestation Hurting The Planet?

Deforestation is an issue in the world. It hurts the world in many ways. This can’t be stopped completely, but it can be limited or slowed down.

Dear Future President,

Deforestation is an important issue that has been going on for centuries. The forest is of very high importance to the world because the plants and trees give oxygen to the world and, deforestation destroys animals habitats, but with the growing population of humans, people need a place to live.

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to occupy and build on the land. It is wrong because people destroy more trees faster than they can grow and it causes world problems. About 18 million acres (about the size of Panama) of forest is destroyed each year. Deforestation is wrong because people destroy more trees faster than they can grow. This will cause the oxygen level to lower and hurt the Ozone Layer of the atmosphere. This makes the earth hotter. Which melts the polar ice caps, which then raises sea levels. Then the water raises and there are floods. These problem may occur if deforestation continues at a high rate, which it is.

Ever see a deer running around the area? The reason for that is because, to build there, they must tear down the forest or habitat that that deer lived in. So that deer is left to roam around the area looking for food to survive. 31% of the planet is forest, and most of the forests are occupied by animals. So when humans need to tear down the forest and build there, it is destroying a lot of animals habitats, forcing them to have to live in the neighborhood. They make a new habitat and continue roaming around looking for a good meal. Eventually the animal will run out of supplies and die, leading that species of animal one step closer to extinction. Another example of this is when you see a dead animal on the road that was hit by a car. Every day animals lose their habitats due to the growing population.

The human population is growing, and with this growing population, people need places to live. Therefore, forests must be destroyed to occupy and build on the land. It is also useful for agricultural uses because people can tear down the trees and build farms and grow crops on the soil. Because of the growth in agriculture, there is a more abundant amount of food. Deforestation can also be used to create energy. Energy made from burning organic materials is called biomass. Currently biomass covers approximately 10 percent of the global energy supply. All of these things are because of deforestation, and it can’t be stopped, but it can be slowed.

Deforestation has its pros and cons. One con is that it hurts the atmosphere due to the lessen of oxygen producing. Another con is that is destroys animals habitats, which hurts that species population in the area. A pro is that deforestation is useful for building residential communities and for food and power. Overall deforestation has its pros and cons, but if you look it from another angle, forest are very limited if people destroy more forests faster than they can grow.


Dylan McCool

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