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Discrimination in 2016

In America discrimination is a big problem. There are many types of discrimination but two main types of discrimination are gender discrimination and racial discrimination

Hi Mr/Mrs President,

In America there have been many cases or discrimination or someone being looked down upon based on their gender or race. Whatever we have done to try and stop discrimination has worked a little bit but not a lot. In this letter I will tell you what I think about discrimination and what to do to stop it. Discrimination is a big problem around the world because many people are looking down on others because of their color skin or gender. 

Racial discrimination is a big problem in the United states because it can cause injuries or even death. Many people who have different colored skin are not being treated with the respect that they deserve. Many African Americans are being taken to jail for no reason or even killed. Racial discrimination is also happening in our workplaces. Some people are not getting payed the same because of their color of skin. Mr. Trump who currently is a candidate for the president of the United States of America is making racist and hurtful jokes directed mainly at the black and Mexican people in our country. We can fix these big and unfair problems by training our police force more so that they don’t overuse their power with corrupt motives. We can also have a class which managers and bosses of other people are required to take so that they get it in their minds that they should pay people the same and not differently based on the color of the workers skin.

Gender discrimination is another big problem because women are being treated unfairly and are not having as many rights as men.  “ In many developing countries like Mexico and the South East many people congratulating the birth of a baby boy while the birth of a girl is frowned upon.” (Gender Discrimination). Gender discrimination is such a cruel and unfair thing in our society. We judge people based on the form that they came on the Earth in. Many third world countries see men as the superior gender but women are just as good as men. We can fix this problem in the U.S by having more women in government positions like Hillary Clinton so that women have a say in our laws and other aspects of our country.

In the year 2016 we are teaching the younger generation that discrimination is bad because everyone is created equal.  Right now we are teaching our newer generation that discrimination is wrong so discrimination will not likely be not a big problem. Also many African Americans do make the wrong choices in their respective communities but just as many make the right choice and do good in their community. Some women choose not to go to college and get an education so when they say that they don’t have jobs because of gender discrimination it is not true. But most women do go to college and get a proper education but don’t get jobs that they want because the employers would prefer a man which is totally wrong.

Overall discrimination is a very big problem in the world that we have been living in for thousands of years. We are judging people based on the color of their skin are their gender. We need to make our world a better place and it starts by breaking out of your comfort zone and going for the gold

Thank you,

Aakersh Mathur

"Gender Discrimination."Children in need. N.p.,. 2004. Web. 3 Nov. 2016.

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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