mykayla Texas

Legalizing Abortion

Women are judged upon what we do. It's our body, not yours or his.

Dear future President, 

Religion and science have always been in conflict with each other. Religion saying what's ok and not ok to do. People say that religion and state are separate but they really aren't. If religion and state were separated we still wouldn't be shamed.

I know it's a cliche but women get raped and pregnant. How is a woman supposed to react! She won't be able to love a kid who was an accident. Is in it more cruel to let a kid grow up without being loved or cared for. Or what about a woman who gets pregnant but the kid has a disease, it will suffer for the rest of its life. There's no point in letting the kid live if it will suffer for it's lifetime, put it out of it's misery. There's another woman who's pregnant and living in poverty. But she won't have enough money for another mouth to feed.

I could go on and on with examples but at the end of the day the woman makes the choice. It's her body. She shouldn't be shamed because she has a right. She has options to choose from and the best one for her situation is abortion. A woman shouldn't have to go to great lengths to do what's best for her. She is has as much equal as everyonelse.

There are reasons for everything. Whether or not if it's legal people always find ways to get what they want.


Mykayla Jenkins