Vivian N. Texas


Allowing Immigrants to the US will benefit us and them.

Dear Future President of the United States,

Imagine a world where the American Dream was available for everyone, and that illegal immigrants did not have to face harsh and difficult challenges for it. Imagine a world where they did not have to worry every single day about how they will support their families.Your policies should allow more refugees,offer jobs for the them,and address racist blame that the immigrants are the main source of crime.

Illegal immigrants and our ancestors wanted to come over to the United States for the exact same reason. We both wanted to live a better life. If you think illegal immigration is bad,America wouldn’t exist in the first place without it. I think the United States should be open to even more refugees to help them start a new and improved life. “ As Congress debates a comprehensive immigration bill, one key element under consideration is whether to offer a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s estimated 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants.” (Lopez) These large amount of people wanting to become a US citizen are in need for help. Sure,your life chances can be determined on how talented and hardworking you are,but where you were born and the environment you live in also too. A student from a poor and weak country can be working hard but have a less comfortable life than a US student that is lazy and not hard working.

Immigrants want to come over here is to get a job and work hard so they would have enough money to take care for their family,just like what American parents need to do. One thing that is different being in undocumented and having a job in America is living with an uncertain future. Imagine life where you are constantly worrying about deportation. Imagine that you were forced to leave the things you’ve worked hard to pay for and kids that you’ve sacrifice everything to raise. “At least 5,000 children of immigrants live in U.S. foster care because their parents were detained or deported. If the current trends hold, the center estimates, 15,000 more children over the next five years will be ripped away from their mothers and fathers as a result of federal immigration enforcement actions.” (Bass) Not only that, “Immigrants do jobs that wouldn’t exist if the immigrants weren’t there to do them.”(Harder Life For Immigrant) and “ Undocumented workers increased legal workers’ pay in complementary jobs by up to 10 percent.” “There is a consensus that, on average, the incomes of families in this country are increased by a small, but clearly positive amount, because of immigration.” (Davidson) , so offering undocumented immigrants jobs will help our economy,strengthen families,and prevent families from breaking apart.

A reason why a person is against illegal immigrates is because they think they link to crime,but the only crime they are obviously committing is breaking the segregation laws. They did not come here to cause trouble or mishap to the US when they could probably do that in the country they left in the first place. “Immigrants commit less than half as many crimes as natives. ... “[T]he weight of the evidence suggests that immigration is not associated with increased levels of crime.” (Nowrasteh) Once immigrates get to America,causing violent crime would be the last thing they would do. It is important for them to stay under the radar by not committing crime. They wouldn’t risk being deported and sent back home,back to the place they just ran away from.

In conclusion, it would be beneficial to us and the illegal immigrants if we help the immigrants become an American citizen that have jobs to take care of their families. It would also be beneficial to stop racial profiling about how they are going to cause more crimes to show how much we care about others and make the world fair.

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