Nakeisha M. Louisiana

Gun Violence

Gun Violence is committed with the use of a gun { firearm or small arm} Gun Violence take place all of the U.S. or the world even until today. Not only that , but its a major issue people face in their everyday lives.

 Dear Next President:

  Gun Violence has been a major issue in the U.S.  The leading cause of death in the U.S. is caused by guns. You have people such as polices,innocent by-standers, and etc being killed by these weapons that shouldn't be in the hand of people who have some kind of disorder and other mental issues. Although , having a gun is a privilege , people tend to take their gun privileges overboard and do things that can cause harm to others even if it is used for protection.  Before guns are even handed out to people who want one , gun shop owners should take advantage of background checks and medical records . Why should they do this?  So, that they would know who needs one and for what . If any person who has some type of mental issue such as suicidal or any type of harm to others shouldn't be issued guns , which should be a state law.

    Gun Violence in the U.S. results in thousands of deaths. For example , in Baton Rouge,La a man Alton Sterling was killed in front of a corner store for distributing C.D's , he was killed by BRPD ( Baton Rouge Police Officers) he was shot multiple times. You can view this story here ,  A couple weeks after Sterling was killed , three men killed five policemen. These men were army retired men who had a connection to army guns, which made it easy for them to kill. In which, police shouldn't pull out guns unless they feel threatened or a gun is pulled out on them for any reason. In that case Police Departments  should follow up with background checks as well and have more training stability , and when to take action in life threatening or sticky situations.

    Gun Violence today is an heavy issue in the world especially the U.S. Many people are being affected by this , such as many families. What person do you know in this world who haven't lost one family member to gun violence? No one , right?  The criminal system includes homicide ,assault with a deadly weapon , suicide , and attempted suicide. I'm sure in the U.S. things like this happen in the U.S. just about everyday and its not a good feeling to get a phone call or arrive at scene in which someone you know or a loved one who has lost their lives to gun violence. So, to you next president , what can you do to stop this Gun Violence issue we have in the U.S.?

       Sincerely ,Nakeisha McDonald 


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