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Heroin Use In Teens

The United States is seeing a dangerously increasing rate of heroin use in teenagers.

Dear Future President,

Heroin use in teens is a rising problem in the United States. Many teens ruin their whole lives with heroin use. Parent’s worries are increasing, because the use of heroin in teens is rising so much.

When you heard about heroin use, you would think that it was about drug addicts in the streets. However, since the prices of heroin are so low, suburban teens frequently try this drug. With heroin related deaths such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, heroin has been more popular in the United States. Drug abusers that have a liking to painkillers are now switching over to heroin, only because it is cheaper. According to Hannah Morris, a teen who has used heroin before, “I would normally be happiness at a six or a seven, at a scale out of 10, you know. And then you take heroin and you're automatically at a 26. And you're like, I want that again.”

Many teens have either been peer pressured, or just curious, and have tried heroin. Although heroin is cheap to buy, addictions are not cheap to maintain. Daily costs for heroin can cost up to $100 dollars, which might not always be easy to obtain for teenagers. The most targeted customers are usually high school students, college athletes, and even teachers. Most dealers get their heroin from Mexico. Heroin crossing the border suggests that we should strengthen our border security.

Interviews show that teens will do whatever it takes to get their fix of heroin, even if it is illegal. Teenagers get so addicted, some cannot even go a single day without heroin, which is not a good thing. Parents say their teens steal their money to buy heroin. According to abc news, a teenager named Ashley even sells her body to men for as low as $20, just so she can keep her heroin addiction at bay. Abc News states, “The number of deaths caused by heroin overdose has shot up by at least 50 percent over the past decade”.

In conclusion, the amount of heroin abuse in the United States is unacceptable. Teens need to know the consequences and side effects coming from heroin. Heroin use in teens urges us to shelter our teens from dangerous drugs. Borders between the United States and mexico need to be more secure, so heroin doesn’t make it into the United States, stopping heroin at it’s source.

Your Friend,