Waqas California

Low Wages, Unhappy Americans

Too many families are not able to meet their basic needs, month after month. College students are in debt for too many years. Please understand this issue and raise the minimum wage and help the people in need.

To the future President of the United States,

           I hope you are doing well today, because you will need to be in good health to solve the issues of the American people, especially mine. The issue that really bothers me for the future is the minimum wage. Starting next year, fall of 2017, I will be going to college and we all know how expensive college is. To pay for my expensive college fees and tuition, I will be participating in work-study, like most college students do. Work study is when students manage their time by attending college classes and working part time, so they can pay off their college debts sooner than later. Now I know that I will receive some financial aid and even some scholarship money, but I believe, for me at least, that scholarships and financial aid isn't going to be enough. On top of school and work, I will also be playing soccer because that is a passion for me and it would be unfair to not let someone enjoy their passion because they need to put in extra work hours. So to make my future four years in college easier and the lives of thousands of middle and lower class families better, please raise the minimum wage to a realistic amount. Because, unfortunately, the minimum wage right now, just isn't realistic.

           Not only will you be helping thousands of students but you  will be helping so many families as well. Students will be in debt for less amount of time and families will have more money to spend on their needs. This act will be helpful to numerous amounts of people, especially middle and lower class families. 

         The truth is that raising the minimum wage by a few dollars isn't going to affect businesses or companies in a major way. In fact, it is going to show that those businesses and companies actually care for their workers. Take the Walton family for example. They are one of the richest families in the world. Each child of the Walton family is worth about 33 billion dollars and the whole Walton family is worth about 130 billion dollars, yet the wage per hour for Walmart employees is only $12. It's ridiculous how people so wealthy can get away with paying such low wages. Take this example and look at other businesses, because most successful businesses have extremely low wages. Please raise the minimum wage and make the lives of millions easier.