Daniel R. Texas

Border Patrol

persasive letter to do border patrol

           Dear Mr./Madam President,

Hello new President i’m here to talk about immigration. It has been happening a lot lately and I feel like we need to stop it. Two reasons why illegal immigration needs to stop defend our people and your people, #1. Could bring danger to the U.S and the people,#2. Take our resources from the Americans.

I support border patrol because I think that it would help America be safe from people that want to hurt us. Illegal immigration is bad for America but everyone is welcome come in safely to America like Mexicans, Asians, Africans, and Europeans. People can’t just swarm in and take valuable lives have more guards around the border and more surveillance around. I do agree that should be careful of where we go and what we do. So let’s try our best to protect America and our people.

I disagree that we have to do stuff like build a wall or anything like that. All we need is to do is put guards to watch over. I also don’t agree is that if some comes over illegally does not mean to automatically take aim and fire. The thing is that we and you next president don’t want to start a war. Let’s try to reason with them and see what they came here for. If they start coming over here and start shooting then ya’ll may take fire. When it’s a kid that comes over the border because of War, bad people, or parents told them to go over the border to be safe then we should let them in. Also during my research an illegal immigrant tried to defend a cop during trial for what the cop had done.

Our weapons are so advanced that if they are in the wrong hands it could mean the end for us. People are trying to get our weapons for irrelevant stuff and trying to eliminate people for no reason or to start a war. Terrorist are one of those people and that’s the problem. Patrol officers don’t realize that people that want to hurt us are getting in. Support this and hopefully if you make this into a law we may see some changes.

That is why we the people are hoping for your protection from bad people. Protect illegal immigrants if needed. You’re our new leader so that means act like one. I hope you get this letter and hope you see what i’m saying. Listen to the immigrants that have something to say and create peace with different types of people.

Cedar Valley Middle School

Ms. Collins' students

These are the wonderful ideas of my 8th grade students and their advice to the next President of the United States.

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