Jordyn S. Wisconsin

Women's Equality

Dear Future President, I think that women should have the same rights as men.

Some girls around the world can't go to school because of their religion or because their parents don't have enough money. Sometimes their parents don't even approve of the girls going to school. I think that we could raise money or donate stuff to help the girls get an education. Male dominates is more of an issue now all around the world even in our own country. Women are getting paid less and other woman who immigrated from other countries are not able to pay for education. A male figure is often a sign of dominants, man of the house, and leader. Most woman are beaten or sexually harassed. Women have to fight for their rights because we are equal to men. Whatever men can do women can do it to. We are all equal, if a female and a male both got a cut, our blood would be the same, right?  so why are women getting paid less. Coming to the conclusion this needs to be stopped as soon as possible. It's been happening for so long that someone needs to take care of it. We all need to be equal no matter what gender. 

De Pere Middle School

Kleveno Block 2

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