Jennifer O. California

Saving the Environment

We are trashing Earth to the point where it is no longer tolerable. This needs to stop.

Dear Future President,

Malcolm X, a human rights activist and minister once said, the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” But what if we are not preparing for the future today? People are being careless, throwing their trash on the ground and littering the oceans. Since 1970, we have been polluting Earth and soon the earth would not be able to stand our trashing and polluting on its land and oceans. So we need to stop making a worse situation out of this and actually start helping.

Even though we may not realize it, Earth is being more and more polluted every day. Throwing your trash carelessly on the ground does not help the situation either. We might not care about the environment and climate change because it does not really affect us, but it does. Environmental problems affect us humans. Pollution in the air could be toxic and kill us. Not only does air pollution affect us, animals are affected too. Marine life can be most affected by littering. Our trash that is not biodegradable such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic utensils, caps, and cigarettes end up in the ocean and the animals cannot tell what is is because we made it and it is not natural. Because of this, the animals mistake our trash for their food and eat it and die. But most of all, pollution and littering pollute the earth by creating toxic greenhouse gases which strengthens the Earthś atmosphere. This would create Global Warming and warm up the earth.

To help prevent us from destroying Earth, we need more laws and policies about pollution and littering. California Proposition 67 supports the idea of banning single use plastic bags. Saving the environment means voting yes on prop 67. With less plastic bags, less plastic bags will be made where the factories pollute the air, and then, the plastic bags will go out to the ocean and kill animals. Prop 67 can help decrease the amount of trash on the shore of the oceans. Making more laws and rules about helping the environment will encourage people to help. If people are taxed on plastic items such as bottles, then people might not want to pay for the increased price and quit on buying plastic items overall. Also, making littering a crime can help the environment. If littering is a crime, then people could be more aware of what they are doing and not break the law by doing something so simple.

The environment is being destroyed slowly by us humans, so we need to be careful of what we are doing and start helping the environment grow stronger. If we continue to ignore that earth is dying, we will also soon die along with it. So before that happens, we need to fight against pollution and prepare for future generations today.


Jennifer O.   

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

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