lamija California

Gun Violence

I think that you as president should make laws and regulations against gun use and gun violence.

  Dear future president,

I am writing this letter to stop gun violence. It is very upsetting because many people die every day from things like this. Guns are very dangerous tools. I think that you should find out a way to make sure everyone is using their weapon correctly. You should also have people selling them to trustworthy people and people who actually have a permit.

Also, if you haven’t heard, people are shooting police officers every day because of being careless and sometimes have careless reasons too. Even just people on the street are getting shot and murdered with guns, an average of 30 people die every day from gun violence and just imagine that happening to a family member of yours or even that happening to you.

Lastly, i think that you, as president should put up laws against using guns or having guns on hand. I also think that there should be police officers checking people randomly just to make sure that the other citizens were safe if anyone were to have a gun. Also just imagine someone trying to hurt you with a gun, i don’t think that that would be very fun. In conclusion, those are some of the many reasons that i think you as the president of the United States of America should make laws to prevent the citizens of your country.

Sincerely, Lamija Kovacevic