Cole S. California

Stop Animal Abuse

Addressing what animal abuse is and how a lot of animals die from animal abuse every year. Then explain how we can minimize the number of animal deaths from animal abuse.

Dear Future President,

Did you know that approximately 7.6 million animals die from animal abuse each year. Today animal cruelty is a big problem that we face every day. This is such a big deal because we know animals are being mistreated but we are not doing anything about it. What I am proposing is we spend more time looking for people or organizations who are abusing animals, such as Sea World. 

Us as humans need to do a better job playing and keeping animals healthy. We can do this by, playing with animals in general.  This will make a special bond with you and your pet. This is just one of the big main reasons on how we can enjoy having a pet instead of abusing our pets.

My first reason from preventing animal abuse is to spend more time playing and bonding with your pet. Spending more time with your pet is better than you think for these reasons. Having a pet can help lower your blood pressure. Did you know pets can also improve human nutrition. Pets also improve your relationships. Relationships with your pets will spill over into better relationships with humans. Overall having a good relationship with your pet will increase how healthy you are, this will also decrease the number of animals who are abused and die.

To many animals are being abused every day. To stop this we should target big organizations and tell them what they're doing wrong and how to stop what they're doing. If we target big organizations people who are abusing animals will find out if big organizations stop abusing animals we should stop too. In addition we should spend more time with our pets and see what goodness they have to offer. STOP ABUSING ANIMALS!


Cole Shumaker