World Hunger & Drought

People are starving and don't have food or water.

It is December 7, 2016 and it's getting close to christmas and I think we need to start doing more food drives or give more food to people who need it the most. There are 795 million people in the world who do not have a enough food to provide a healthy life. Then there are 3.1 million children are hungry each year. I've been thinking since christmas is coming up I think that rec centers near schools or small communities should have a free christmas buffet for the community. Also besides the food california is in a big drought and we need water. I have an idea how to save california and get us water. Many of states have lots of water and it would be great for california if you save are drought and get us water. California is the golden state and we want are water and food level to be high so no one is hungry or dehydrated. People everywhere in different states and cities and countries there's at least 1,500 that don’t have proper access food or water. Like in flint michigan people have really bad water there water has lead in it and its poisoning many of people each week we as american need to stop big stuff like this.

There’s many places in world that is in a drought like California, Utah, and Oregon. Well you get the point. If we can get different countries or states to donate water that will help diffrent places to save their drought’s. Also if we can purify sea water that would also be amazing for the drought but there is a downside on that. The downside is you're taking water away from sea animals and they need their water to survive. Back to the main problem world hunger is a very bad thing. Kids & Adults die from hunger every day from world hungry. We need to stop these problems there major. Please can you help us fix these problems pleases.