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Affordable Health Insurance

It time for the government to catch up. We need affordable or free health care. I think Obama care can help us get to this point. Many people die each year form not having health care. Let's get them health care, so they can live a long health life.

Dear President of the U.S,

As U.S citizens we enjoy many rights and freedoms, such as public education, public law enforcement, religious freedoms, and the right to buy and own land. But what happened to our right to see a doctor and receive healthcare? We are one of the wealthiest countries, but we don’t have the right to free or low cost health care. Anywhere from 20 to 44 thousand Americans die each year from a lack of health insurance. The primary reasons why Americans are uninsured are the high cost of insurance and job loss. I believe we should lower the cost of health insurance and we could use Obama care to help us reach this goal.

“America still lags behind in health care compared to many other modernized nations,” according to The Atlantic. Why has public education been so easily accepted, but not public health care? It is time for Americans to start thinking about health care the same way they think about education, as a U.S right. Obama care claims “Up until the age of 26, under the Affordable Care Act, Obama Care allows dependent children to stay on their parents health insurance.” Many people who are 26 are just getting out of college and are trying to get on their feet, but paying for health insurance is expensive and making it more difficult. The website claims “It cost about $286.00 per month for an individual to get insurance.” Could you imagine just getting a new job and paying this much money? Some people are forced to take a job that they really do not want because it offers free or lower cost health benefits. Since the U.S is one of the wealthiest nations in the world we should press the government to make health insurance guaranteed and affordable. Before we all know it, we will be 26 and will be dealing with these issues.

Obama Care’s goal is to provide more people affordable health care. According to Obama Care Facts, “ 7 out of 10 people can get a plan for less than $75.00, and 8 out of 10 less than $100.00.” I believe we should support and keep Obama care so more people can see a doctor or have a surgery without going into debt. At the end of open enrollment of 2016 there were 12.7 million people signed up and an estimated 20 million in total covered between ACA, Medicaid expansion, and young adults staying on their parents plan. What would all these people do without Obama Care? ACA has many benefits. It has free annual checkups, preventive care, and the choice of your doctor. Participants get a minimum of ten essential health benefits. Examples are: outpatient care, emergency care, maternity care, lab services, hospitalization care, newborn care, mental health services, prescription drugs, and pediatrics dental/vision. Many people would like to see Obama Care abolished but millions of Americans would be without good health care insurance. Health care companies would continue to control the system whose bottom line is to make more money and not about the health of the people.

I think we need to lower the prices of health care cost and here’s how to do so. One of the ways to lower the cost is to become an informed consumer. Buy a group or family insurance plan even though they cost more you are saving from buying an individual plan for each person. Another way to reduce cost is to not get surgeries that are not life threatening. They will keep raising the price for every surgery you get. Try to find an alternative plan. Also, live a healthy lifestyle for example, do not smoke. Some insurances will offer a payment reduction. These are some ways to save money on insurance, but we still need to find a way to help everyone get insurance.

People might say they should keep raising the price so investors can keep making a profit on insurance companies. However, if they keep raising the price no one will be able to afford insurance anymore. Fewer people can get glasses, braces, and other things they need. More people will get sick and choose not to see a doctor which could lead to a bigger problem or death.

In conclusion, Universal health care says “in the U.S about 33 million people do not have health insurance.” I believe Obama Care is helping. The U.S is the only modernized Western nation that does not offer publicly funded health care to all of its citizens. It is time for our government to catch up with the rest of the modern world. In the words of Winston S. Churchill, “ Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”



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