joshua New Jersey

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous roads, dangerous driving, and deadly blind sides are leading to Americans Deaths.

Joshua Curving

West Milford Twp. High School

67 Highlander Drive

West Milford, NJ 07840

3 November, 2016

Future President at the White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President

I would like to congratulate your win in the election. As president you have many jobs and one job is to help America be say and keep people from dying with anything involving things like car crashes or fatal attacks. I would like to state what I think shall be needed to help protect the citizens of the United States. My problem is that people have been dying from car crashes to much and too often. There are deadly turns, roads,and people who drive irresponsibly that cause this action. These things need to be fixed because it is said that even to this day people die more from a car crash yearly than the amount of people who died in 9/11. That was the biggest crisis in US history. Now to know that car crashes bring more harm than that is extremely horrible and needs to be fixed. We can not have people dying due to unsafe streets or irresponsibly driving. This needs to come to an end.

As said on United Nations News Centre it is said that 270, 000 people are killed walking every year. Also 4500 people are killed just crossing the road each year as stated on This is a significant number of people. It is stated that there was over 30,000 reported cases that state that 35,092 people died from car crashes. If this is the case it seems that there is an increase from 2014 which was 32,675 deaths. Who knows what could the death toll be this year. Just two days ago on November 1st of 2016 2 people had to be hospitalized and their car had to be totaled. For this issue i believe that we need to improve our streets and decrease the amount of turns and blind side corners that are there. This issue will need to be fixed and if not the death toll will rise.

The biggest cause of this is death but there is more. There is many more things that will happen. One huge thing is severe injuries. If not dead after a bad hit people will become extremely injured. After they get the big medical bill at the hospital. Because they become injured then people file a lawsuit or bring this accident to court where people have to lose thousand of dollars. After they lose money they may need to work more because of it. At the end of the day no one wins and everyone has their losses which either is money or someone which is injured or severely hurt. This is all because of of dangerous roads, dangerous driving, and deadly turns. Fixing all these roads will end this chain of events which will make the death toll lower and accident toll lower and people will be safer.

This event effects lots of people. Any family or friends of the person being hit can be effected. If the person dies or is extremely injured. Families will have to pay bills and help eachother out after these hard times. Also drivers and pedestrians are most affected because this is from their problem. The drivers could get in so much trouble like being placed in jail or be fined thousands of dollars. The pedestrian is most affected because after being hit or during being hit it can mean anything from life to death. If alive after this accident this could change their life either by paralyzing them for life or amputating their limbs. Driving is the most deadliest thing you can do and it can cause death which then turns into bigger events.

I even have self experience with this. One day at my sister's party my uncle was pulling in my driveway when a car came around the blind slide by my house and smashed into the side of his car. Thankfully no one was injured but this could have been deadly. If it was a large truck that had hit him, he could have been killed. Also a couple years ago my sister was hit twice by a car. The first time she was okay but the second time she need surgery because she had a broken leg and because of the accident. Now she can't even grow because of it. These two life incidents could have been avoided on if the roads were safer and blind side corners were taken away. My sister could have been much taller than she is now but because of the car she is smaller than should would be if she had not been hit.

What i hope you will do as the next president of the United States is to fix all dangerous roads and make cars slower. These deaths need to come to an end and we need all americans to become safe. This issue needs to be solved and if not then the death toll will rise and people will be hurt. Do what's right and fix those roads.